Great Night at Camp Rainbow!

Great night at Camp Rainbow. Those kids know how to have fun. Thanks to Brian Allen, Michael Vincent Baideme, Henry Wynn and John Kolbeck for donating their time. Also thanks to Evan Miller and Nick Brown bringing the sound system and making us sound right. This is the second year 12 Bands of Christmas has brought music to kick off a great week of Camp. So much fun rocking with the kids. You’d never know that any of them are fighting cancer. Tonight our buddy Caleb got up and crushed Sweet Home Alabama. Very cool kid and a great guitarist. Thanks to 12Bands Board Members Katie Irwin Ashley and John T Chandler for making the trip up. Also great seeing Jami Wolfe, Mandy Lee and Kym Allen. Those ladies along with the other Child LIfe Specialists are the ones who make things run smooth for the kids. Words can’t really describe the experience. If you are interested in more info on what 12Bands is about, visit

12Bands Artist List 2003 – 2012

  1. Livingroom Legends
  2. Joe Stevenson
  3. Daze of Haze
  4. Tara Scheyer and the Half-Shirt LeRoys
  5. Jemani
  6. Hellblinki Sextet
  7. Impulse Ride
  8. Patrick Blanchard
  9. Lives of Reily
  10. Shaun Piazza
  11. Turtleneck
  12. Deathstar
  1. Pedestrian
  2. The Vellotones
  3. Josh Pierce Group
  4. Eryn Eubanks and the Family Fold
  5. Sulcus Groove
  6. John Kolbeck
  7. Pat Blanchard Band
  8. Chelsea Logue
  9. The Shaun Piazza Band
  10. The Cubists
  11. The Redbelly Band (Dead Confederate)
  12. Hellblinki Sextet
  1. The Scott Terry Project
  2. JJ Maj and the Unpolished Brass
  3. The Kilpatrick Project
  4. Silver Dash Music
  5. The Big Mighty
  6. Livingroom Legends
  7. Camouflage Spaceship
  8. The Cubists
  9. The Edison Project
  10. John Krueger
  11. Hellblinki Sextet
  12. Larry Jon Wilson
  1. Plug-in Reindeer
  2. The Shaun Piazza Band
  3. Pat Blanchard
  4. Tara Scheyer
  5. Julia Easterlin
  6. RagLove
  7. The Crowns
  8. Impulse Ride
  9. JJ Maj and the Unpolished Brass
  10. Jemani
  11. The Edison Project
  12. Chip McDonald
  1. Playback (featuring Tutu D’Vyne)
  2. John Krueger
  3. Tara Scheyer and the Mud Puppy Band
  4. Pat Blanchard and Shawn Mullins
  5. Wycliffe Gordon
  6. Night People
  7. Shaun Piazza and Jason Isbell
  8. Will McCranie
  9. Everything After
  10. Edison Project featuring Don Dixon
  11. Hello Lefty
  12. Veara
  1. Whosehouse
  2. Crosstie Walkers
  3. Tara Scheyer and the Mud Puppy Band
  4. Grady Nickel
  5. Greg Hester
  6. Jennifer Daniels
  7. Swanee Quintet
  8. Say Vandelay
  9. Debt of Nature
  10. G-City Rockers
  11. 48 Volt
  12. Ed Turner and Number 9
  1. Tara Scheyer and the Mudpuppy Band
  2. Vellotones
  3. Livingroom Legends
  4. John Krueger
  5. Joe Stevenson
  6. Turner Simkins and Pat Blanchard
  7. John Kolbeck
  8. Whosehouse
  9. G-City Rockers
  10. Impulse Ride
  11. Tara Scheyer and the Mudpuppy Band
  12. The Scott Terry Project
  13. Jemani
  14. Turtleneck
  15. Patrick Blanchard Band
  16. Silver Dash Music
  17. The Crowns
  18. Hellblinki Sextet
  19. The Cubists
  20. Wycliffe Gordon
  21. Blue Dogs (concert only / no CD track)
1.  G-City Rockers
2. Tara Scheyer and the Mud Puppy Band
3. Sibling String
4. The Unmentionables
5.  John Kolbeck
6. Will McCranie
7. Brandon Bower
8. NoStar
9. My Instant Lunch
10. The Crowns
11. 48Volt
12. L.i.E.
Rock by the Sea / 12 Bands
13.  Grand Magnolias
14. Jackson Rohm
15. Scott Leger of Wideawake
16. B-Liminal
17. Christopher Jak and the Heyday
18. Sarah Mac Band
19. Brian Fechino
20. Tim Warren of Alternate Routes
21. Keith Kane
22. Sam Thacker and Michael Westbrook
23.  Dirty Shannon
24. Sister Hazel
25.  JK and the Lost Boys
26. Bess Rogers
27. Gareth Asher
28. Charlie Walker
29. Lani Daniels
30. Michael Tolcher
1. Five’s a Crowd
2. Fried Goat
3. Jaycie Ward
4. Livingroom Legends
5. Sibling String
6. Radar Cinema
7. The Unmentionables
8. Vellotones featuring George Croft
9. 3rd Shift
10. Jim Perkins Trio
11.  Wombats
12. Joy Krueger
1. Jeremy Graham Band
2. Tara Scheyer and the Mud Puppy Band
3. People Who Must
4. Jesup Dolly
5. Black Swan Lane
6. Funk You
7. Impulse Ride
8. Mason Jars
9. J.A.M.P.
10. Dirty Realists
11. Ramblin’ Fevers
12. Granny’s Gin



Concert for Kids – September 14th 2013

SPRINGSTEEN_POSTERExchange Club of Columbia County 
For Immediate Release

When: Saturday, September 14, 2013 at 7pm
Where:  Imperial Theatre, 749 Broad Street – Augusta, GA
Tickets: Reserved tickets $35/$25/$15 in advance
On sale now at the Imperial Theatre box office and online HERE

Augusta, GA: June 18, 2013 – The Exchange Club of Columbia County is pleased to announce the 7th annual Concert for Kids: Born to Run in the USA and People Who Must Album Release on Saturday, September 14 at the Imperial Theatre in Downtown Augusta.  Reserved tickets are on sale now for $35/$25/$15 in advance.  Each ticket purchased includes a digital download of the new People Who Must album. 

The show will begin with a People Who Must set to celebrate the release of their first album in 14 years – The Silver Screen EP.  The band will then perform Bruce Springsteen’s hits with Atlanta artist Tim Brantley and other guest musicians.

Since 1973 when Greetings from Asbury Park was released, right up until last year’s Wrecking Ball album, Bruce Springsteen has created music that is passionate and relevant while connecting emotionally and lyrically with a vast audience of fans across the world. Two of Springsteen’s most well-know albums – Born to Run & Born in the USA – serve as the namesake for this year’s Exchange Club of Columbia County Concert for Kids: Born to Run in the USA.

According to event chairman Carter Murphy, “We’re thrilled to be back raising money for some amazing CSRA children’s charities.”  This year’s concert will raise money for Golden Harvest Food Bank, The 12 Bands of Christmas, Child Enrichment and Fisher House.  “Each charity’s connection to kids inspired us,” explained Murphy. “It’s as simple as that.”

Golden Harvest’s Backpack Program works to ensure that children start the school year prepared, giving them a better chance at success in the classroom.  The 12 Bands of Christmas provides children facing cancer with the gift of music while helping their families with immediate financial needs.  Child Enrichment provides more than intervention to children of abuse – they teach prevention to our community.  The Fisher House allows families of military patients receiving medical care at major health centers to remain together during treatment.

People Who Must released 7 records and toured the East Coast relentlessly throughout the 90’s, receiving airplay on a number of Southeastern rock stations with hits “1000 Miles” and “It Fades.”  Furthermore, the band members are no strangers to paying tribute to the great musicians who have inspired them over the years.

People Who Must first covered Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band in 1998. Lead singer Joe Stevenson and guitarist John Kolbeck shared their R.E.M. love with Augustans and Rock Boat XI cruisers in M.E.R.M.E.R. Tim Arbisi was an original member of the Number 9 Band playing Beatles hits and he currently performs with Pretty Petty, covering Tom Petty music while drummer Russell Jarrett plays everything KISS in a tribute band.

So why Springsteen? “What musician doesn’t love Springsteen!” explained Stevenson.  “He has such a signature sound that has inspired people for over 40 years.  It’s an honor to perform his music.  Playing his songs to raise money for children’s charities is fantastic.  I think he’d approve.”

Please join us at 7pm on Saturday, September 14 at the Imperial Theatre in Downtown Augusta for the Exchange Club of Columbia County’s Concert for Kids: Born to Run in the USA.

For media info please contact Emily Stevenson at or 706.495.6885.

Music at Children’s Hospital of Georgia

Monday April 22nd 2013

Today 12 Bands brought music to the Children’s Hospital of Georgia.  I played some well known songs (Little Pink Houses, Sweet Home Alabama, Wagon Wheel etc) for two patients, CJ and Gauge as well as Gauge’s parents and several Child Life Specialists and interns.  It’s a great experience every time I do it.  CJ loved the shakers and had perfect rhythm.  Gauge strummed left handed on an extra guitar I brought.  He didn’t know how to play it, but he’s definitely inspired to learn.  His father said they’ve got a guitar at home that he’s going to learn on.  At the end of each performance I always get the kids to sign an old guitar and put their age on it as way to remember all of the kids.  They love doing it.  Not very often they are asked for their autograph!

Performing at the hospital is an amazing experience.  The kids have so much energy.  The parents look worn out as you might imagine.  They always seem appreciative that they get to break their new norm, which is treatment at the hospital, for a short time to enjoy music.  Today we just had 2 kids, other days we have a full house.  The hope is that no one will show up because there is no one at the hospital receiving treatment.  Hats off to the amazing staff – Jami, Mandy, Kym and all of the others dedicating their lives to helping these sick children.

We are in the midst of revamping our website over the next month or so.  Our plan is to have more stories, videos and pictures of visits like this.  We also will be highlighting some of the families that 12Bands helps financial.  We want you all to see what the healing power of music can do.  Of course we need your support, so donate if you can.  We operate year round, not just at Christmas.

Thanks for reading!