Letter from a Father

Letter from a Father of a Patient
Dear 12 Bands,
I just wanted to thank you for your help last month. When my son was
diagnosed with a rare bone cancer last fall, my wife and I had to make
he difficult but necessary decision for me to quit my job to provide
care for my son who had been diagnosed. Since our insurance was
through her employer at the time, we had no choice but for me to stay
home and make the weekly trips to Augusta and provide full-time care
for him.
Because of our decision, it put a tremendous financial burden on us.
We had paid off a lot of debt over the last few years, but the basics
like utilities and mortgage remained. Your financial help in paying
our mortgage was so helpful! We have so many things to be concerned
about in regards to our son who continues to receive chemo treatments.
Your gift was a blessing and allowed us to not have to worry about how
we were going to pay the mortgage that month.
Thanks to you and to your supporters for your selfless efforts to help
our children. As a local professional musician, I understand the ins
and outs of what you guys do and understand the time and energy it
takes to help families like mine walking through the most traumatic
experience of our lives. You are a blessing to the kids and to this
community. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts!

Child LIfe Specialist – Kym Allen talks about 12Bands Monthly visits

12Bands has been coming monthly to the Children’s Medical Center as a Child and Adolescent Life Services special event.  Every month, our patients and families are exposed to a variety of musical instruments and various types of music.  Patients are able to sing, play instruments or just listen while being away from their rooms.  This type of activity is so important for children in the healthcare setting.  Even if it is just for a small amount of time, they can relax and let the music take them away from shots and medicine. 12Bands always makes it a fun time for the participants and encourages the patients to be an active part in the event.  We appreciate all of the effort that 12Bands puts into this special event activity for our patients and families at the Children’s Medical Center and hope that they will be able to continue their efforts.

Music at Children’s Hospital of Georgia

Monday April 22nd 2013

Today 12 Bands brought music to the Children’s Hospital of Georgia.  I played some well known songs (Little Pink Houses, Sweet Home Alabama, Wagon Wheel etc) for two patients, CJ and Gauge as well as Gauge’s parents and several Child Life Specialists and interns.  It’s a great experience every time I do it.  CJ loved the shakers and had perfect rhythm.  Gauge strummed left handed on an extra guitar I brought.  He didn’t know how to play it, but he’s definitely inspired to learn.  His father said they’ve got a guitar at home that he’s going to learn on.  At the end of each performance I always get the kids to sign an old guitar and put their age on it as way to remember all of the kids.  They love doing it.  Not very often they are asked for their autograph!

Performing at the hospital is an amazing experience.  The kids have so much energy.  The parents look worn out as you might imagine.  They always seem appreciative that they get to break their new norm, which is treatment at the hospital, for a short time to enjoy music.  Today we just had 2 kids, other days we have a full house.  The hope is that no one will show up because there is no one at the hospital receiving treatment.  Hats off to the amazing staff – Jami, Mandy, Kym and all of the others dedicating their lives to helping these sick children.

We are in the midst of revamping our website over the next month or so.  Our plan is to have more stories, videos and pictures of visits like this.  We also will be highlighting some of the families that 12Bands helps financial.  We want you all to see what the healing power of music can do.  Of course we need your support, so donate if you can.  We operate year round, not just at Christmas.

Thanks for reading!