Bringing the Healing Power of Music and Direct Support to Families in Need

The music of 12 Bands has provided “just in time” resources to families being cared for at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia. In fact, their efforts have raised over a quarter of a million dollars to support families fighting pediatric cancer.  As 12 Bands evolved, the organization became wholly focused on the often unknown, seldom discussed and frequently ignored needs of children and families facing life-threatening cancers. 12 Bands recognizes the many direct and basic needs families face when their child becomes ill. Thanks to dollars raised in the community through performances and donations, 12 Bands is able to help families in several basic aspects of daily living. 

Bringing Hope & Healing Through:



When Nikola's family needed help buying basic necessities while Nikola was being treated for brain cancer, 12Bands stepped in and helped make sure they were able to support Nikola through his treatment. 



After being diagnosed with a rare bone cancer at the age of 12, Caleb was visited by Joe Stevenson with 12Bands. Since he has some experience playing guitar, Joe offered him a guitar to play music with. This moment helped Caleb realize his gift in music, and he's been playing ever since.

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Listening to Israel's incredible story is both inspiring and humbling. Hear about how much of a blessing music is in helping her get through this traumatic experience and the healing power of music!


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